Does nonstop thinking keep you awake at night? 

Do you wake up exhausted and anxious, starting your day with worry or trying to “plan” your way past it?

Does overthinking cause you to procrastinate because you want to get it right?

I’m your guide to slowing down the runaway thought train and helping you find the ease, contentment and joy you deserve. AND become more productive in the process.

Learn how overthinking negatively impacts your health and happiness & discover strategies to stop overthinking in its tracks.

My passion and life’s work are all about helping women create the lives they really want. So many are stuck in lives they landed in by default, or started out wanting one thing and realized years later it wasn’t what they wanted at all.

As a classic overthinker, I questioned myself a million times on what I wanted. When I landed on an answer in my gut, my brain would give me a thousand reasons why it wouldn’t be possible or why I shouldn’t want that or all the ways I was being selfish for wanting it. Learning how to become aware of my thoughts and how to manage them has changed EVERYTHING. And I want to help you do the same.

  • 5 years as Certified Life Coach with The Life Coach School 
  • Certified Body Language Trainer and Coach
  • B.S. Degree in Business Management
  • Coaching methods are based in science and neuroscience because it all comes down to how we think.
"I met Sheryl to work on some of the more challenging issues in my life. Coaching with Sheryl gave me so many insights I didn't have before and tools I could use immediately to manage difficult situations that I was struggling with. Sheryl is amazing at what she does!"
- C.S.